a picture of Xavier Dupont with his wife

a picture of Xavier Dupont with his wife

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes was a rich French aristocrat whose wife and four children were found dead. His wife, Agnes, and their four children: Arthur, who was 20 at the time; Thomas, who was eighteen at the time; Anne, who was sixteen at the time; and Benoit, who was thirteen at the time, as well as both of the family’s dogs, were actually discovered beneath the patio of their house in Nantes, France and had been buried there on April 21st, 2011. After the discovery, Xavier disappeared and has never been seen since.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes

What happened to his family is a mystery and has confounded people ever since it happened. Leading up to the family’s deaths, they had completely emptied their home, closed all of their bank accounts, and Agnes told her employer that she would soon be moving to Australia. What makes people immediately suspicious of Xavier wasn’t just that he disappeared. Apparently, shortly before his family was found buried in his house, he had inherited a rifle from his late father. He had also bought cement, a shovel, a hoe, and four backs of lime. It was also soon discovered that Xavier was in massive debt.

Between the first and fifth of April in 2011, the children disappeared and neighbors didn’t hear the family’s dogs anymore. When Agnes’ body was autopsied by the coroner, they learned that she died sometime on the fourth of April, but some of her friends allegedly saw her on April 7th. On the other hand, Xavier was spotted on April 14th at a hotel. On April 11th, he wrote a letter to his family that he, his wife, and children had to leave “urgently” for the United States because he had become a “key witness” in a trial that had to do with “drug trafficking kingpins.”

Investigators launched a search party for him and made an international arrest warrant to try to find Xavier. However, he was never found and many people believe that he killed himself.

Further Investigation

The coroner also revealed that Agnes and her children had all been drugged and shot in the head while they slept by a .22 rifle which coincidentally was the exact same type of rifle that Xavier got from his father just weeks before the entire family was murdered.

Police have received countless tips from people about the situation—over 800 of them, some of which are hard to believe. One of these tips was a photo of Arthur and Benoit given to a journalist back in 2015. It had “I am still alive” written on the back, signed by Xavier himself. In 2018, people supposedly saw Xaiver at a monastery. A year later, at Glasgow airport, but in both cases, it turned out not to be him.

What makes the situation even eerier than it did before was that Agnes once told people on an online forum that Xavier had once said to her, “If we all die at once, then everything would be over.”