a picture of Madeleine McCann

a picture of Madeleine McCann

No one ever imagined that something bad could happen to a cute little three-year-old named Madeleine McCann. Who in the world would do something to her? 45 minutes before she was reported missing, a friend, Jane Tanner, said she saw a man carrying a young girl. In her report to the police, she told them that she noticed the child was wearing pajamas similar to Madeleine’s, but they didn’t believe her. Instead thought it was just a fake, or that Jane had been mistaken. Of course, this didn’t go over well with her parents when they found out about it.

Where Did Madeleine Go?

Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann had taken Madeleine on vacation in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Along with her two-year-old twin siblings, seven of the McCann’s family friends (including Jane Tanner), and five other children. She was taken from their room while Kate, Gerry, and their friends were all having dinner together at a restaurant. The parents took turns checking on all the kids, but when it was Kate’s turn, Madeleine wasn’t in her bed.

The main suspect was a man named Robert Murat who lived nearby. He was seen outside Kate and Gerry’s hotel room. But Madeleine’s parents were both also considered suspects in the case. When Madeleine’s hair was found in their rental car, police actually started to believe that the little three-year-old had died in the apartment due to some sort of accident and that Kate and Gerry had covered it up to protect themselves.

But in July of 2008, both Kate and Gerry were cleared, as well as Robert since there was a lack of evidence to incriminate any of them. That was also when the case was officially closed.

Case Closed?

At the time, though, Scotland Yard actually started their own investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, called Operation Grange in May of 2011. They considered the case to be “a criminal act done by a stranger.” But the only break they had in the case didn’t come all the way until June of 2020 when German investigators started to suspect a man who was a registered sex offender named Christian Brueckner. Due to the 43-year-old man’s previous record, police and investigators believe that Madeleine was killed.

But her body has never been found and no one has been officially convicted of any sort of crime. There was a TV show made about her disappearance, but there hasn’t been any new information in the case and no one knows for sure who took Madeleine or what really happened to her and a body has never been found. Her parents still don’t have any closure.

Back in 2014, in an interview on Swedish Television, Kate McCann said, “Life will never be what it was. It’s never going to be truly normal again.”