a picture of John Lucan with his wife

a picture of John Lucan with his wife

Sandra Rivett had a dream job as a nanny to a rich aristocratic family—the Lucan family. Not only that, but she also had a boyfriend and spent most Thursdays with him. In the fall of 1974, Sandra Rivett changed her schedule and decided to babysit the children of John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, and Lady Veronica Lucan.

The Terror of John Lucan

At just 28 years old, Sandra Rivett put the children to bed. Then was beaten to death in the basement of the beautiful house with a lead pipe. The attacker went on to attack Veronica Lucan after that, but she put up quite the fight—enough to survive the initial attack. She escaped and ran away to a pub that was near their house. She was covered in blood and shouted, “Help me, help me, I’ve just escaped from being murdered.”

John Bingham, Earl of Lucan seemed like a decent man. So decent that he had actually once been considered to play the part of James Bond. He called his mother and asked her to pick up all three of his children. At the time, the police finally arrived at the crime scene and found Sandra’s body, horribly beaten. As they took care of her body, John drove all the way to a friend’s house over 42 miles away.

As the police began to investigate, they soon found out that the house had not been broken into. More than that, Veronica told the police that her husband was the one who had attacked her and killed Sandra. Only days after Sandra’s death, John’s car was found with a lead pipe in the backseat. No one was able to prove that it was the same lead pipe that had been used to murder Sandra. Despite that her blood wasn’t on the lead pipe, a jury found John guilty. He never showed up to defend himself at the trial.

Supposedly, he wrote a letter to his brother late the night of the murder and said that he had interrupted a fight between his wife and another man, but the “circumstantial evidence” against him was “strong.”

Where Did He Flee?

Veronica always believed that John had ended up killing himself “like the nobleman he was.” People actually suspected he was alive and that he had just left the country to hide from police and people looking for him.

In 1999, John was officially pronounced dead and his son George Bingham was named as the 8th Earl of Lucan. George always believed his father was innocent and maintained that over the years.

Veronica passed away in 2017 after committing suicide because she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In a surprise in the case, Sandra’s son, Neil Berriman, claimed that he had evidence that John was alive as recently as 2002.