a picture of Jimmy Hoffa

a picture of Jimmy Hoffa

Back in 1975, during the excruciating heat of the summer, Jimmy Hoffa waited at a restaurant. He sat down and waited for Mob bosses Anthony Provenzano and Anthony Giacalone. Jimmy was a labor union leader. When neither mob bosses showed up, he became annoyed and impatient, called his wife, Josephine Hoffa, and complained. As they got ready to hang up, he promised her that he would be home soon and he’d cook dinner.

But he never made it home.

Where Did Jimmy Go?

By the next morning, his vehicle was found outside the restaurant in the parking lot and it was unlocked. Jimmy’s son, James, went to the local police and filed a missing person’s report in the afternoon. This resulted in the largest FBI investigation and the most extensive FBI organized crime cases that has ever happened.

Jimmy was both loved and hated. He took the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and turned them into America’s best union. He eventually got involved with organized crime. In 1967, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for fraud and jury tampering. But in 1971, he got off easy when President Richard Nixon, had Jimmy pardoned. Under one crucial condition: that he wouldn’t be allowed any union activity until after 1980.

Of course, it was less than four years after that when Jimmy suddenly vanished. When the investigators brought dogs in, the dogs found his scent on a car that belonged to Anthony Giacalone’s son, Joey. Jimmy’s foster son, Chuckie O’Brien, had borrowed it. Both men claimed that they didn’t know where Jimmy was and that they had nothing to do with his disappearance. In 1975, they reserved their right to stay silent in court which led to a halt in the case.

Was It a Mob Hit?

Many people actually think that Jimmy was murdered by the mob bosses because the mob was threatened by Jimmy’s plan to lead the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the upcoming years. It’s believed that Jimmy was lured away from the restaurant where he was murdered and then cremated, which is one explanation as to why his body has never been found.

In July of 1982, Jimmy was officially declared dead and though there have been countless theories as to what happened, the facts remain a mystery, including where his body is and whether he was killed or is still out there, alive somewhere.

One of the craziest most shocking conspiracy theories actually came from a movie made in 2019 called The Irishman which theorized that Jimmy’s close friend Frank Sheeran, (who was played by Robert De Niro in the film) actually confessed to having Jimmy assassinated. The movie was inspired by a book written in 2004 called I Heard You Paint Houses. Yet still, no one knows the truth of what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa.