a picture of an airplane

a picture of an airplane

One of the scariest things is when 239 people disappear entirely—no trace of them or any ideas or clues about where they went. Back in March 2014, a Boeing 777-200ER took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. It flew toward Beijing Capital International Airport. It was supposed to be a five-hour trip, but air traffic control lost all communication with it only 38 minutes after the plane took off. Even though they lost contact, the military could use radar to track it for the next hour. During that time, the plane completely went off its flight path.

A Flight to Nowhere

Suddenly, the plane completely disappeared—vanished into thin air, seemingly. It had 227 passengers on board as well as 12 crew members. Flight MH370 is the second deadliest incident with a Boeing 777 in history.

Witnesses that included fishermen and an oil rig worker supposedly saw the plane in flames. But the problem was that when the military searched the Indian Ocean with sonar, there was no evidence of these claims or what happened to the flight.

In July of 2015, a flaperon of the plane was found on the island of Reunion along a beach. Searchers discovered a stabilizer panel on the coast of Mozambique, Africa, but most of the airplane was still missing. And the flight continued to remain missing for the next two years.

What Happened Next

So, in the new year of 2017, the rescuers completely halted the search because it cost too much money. It was the most expensive search operation in aviation history at well over 155 million dollars. But some people weren’t willing to just give up on ever finding out what happened to the flight. In January of 2018, a private contractor called Ocean Infinity started its own search.

Sadly, this search only lasted for six months. They didn’t discover anything at all about the plane’s whereabouts or what had happened to it. Friends and family of the passengers and crew demanded answers, but the Malaysian Ministry of Transport only released a short statement in July of 2018. They stated that there were errors in the air traffic controllers’ communication with the flight. So, the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia resigned. But the Malaysian Ministry agreed that decompression inside the plane’s cabin was the most likely cause for its crash.

Still, people wonder what happened to the plane. Many conspiracy theories have arisen over the years, including suggestions that two passengers hijacked the plane. The secretary-general of Interpol denied that. Another idea is that the captain reprogrammed the plane’s autopilot to travel across the Indian Ocean. But an investigation couldn’t find any evidence of this. Friends and family are still waiting for an explanation so they can have closure as to what happened.